How to hold the sticks 2

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German Tympani Grip 2

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12. Place the tips of the sticks in the centre of the drum. The sticks hover 1 cm above the drum. The wrists stay far enough apart so the sticks form an equilateral triangle.
13. The arms should fall naturally at the side of the body.
14. Don't allow the elbows to stick out.
15. The knuckles are on top and the thumb is at the side. You should be able to see all four knuckles. The hand hovers just above the leg.

Playing a Stroke - Slow Motion Practice

16. Slowly raise the sticks using the wrists only.
17. Maintaining the wrist motion, raise the sticks to about 80 degrees.
18. The fingers stay wrapped around the stick to ensure the wrist does the work.
19. Don't allow the fingers to open as the stick comes up.
20. And don't move from the elbow.
21. If you move from the elbow, you will strike the drum at the wrong angle. This will result in a weak, unfocussed sound.
22. Following the above guidelines, the wrist remains just above the drum.
23. When you strike the drum the stick is parallel to the drum. This gives the best sound. Again, the wrist remains just above the drum.

I recommend practicing in front of a mirror
You'll see more and improve faster..